Vessel Convoy Protection

KIF_1704Convoy protection has been around for many years. As long as Pirates have been in business. Ships would band together to offer each other protection.

Now Over-Watch is planning to use vessels to provide escort  protection in a convoy system.

Capable, versatile, deep water, ocean-going ships with excellent sea-going qualities and considerable range and endurance.

Vessels manned by Ex-Royal Navy, EU Navy and US Naval officers and crew. With security teams of Ex-Royal Marines and Ex-US Marines. All highly trained to counter any problems that may arise.

On some vessels we will have a helicopter or UAV on board for intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, deterrence and early warning along our intended routes.

Over-Watch has plans for routes in East and West Africa, working with local Authorities, International governments and International bodies.

These routes are intended to help protect the crews of all nations, keep the sea routes open and cut cost to the shipping industry, by shortening the routes used to get to their final destinations. But can only operate if the number of shipping companies using the service, warrant the opening of the routes.