Police Training Teams

Over-Watch Police training team consultants are training the Abu Dhabi Police Service in many areas of police work, ranging from forensics, investigations, traffic, driver training, detention, dog handling and now firearms.

Over-Watch has over 50 ex UK Police officers as consultants. Most with at least 20 plus years experience in their fields.


Consultant 1.

Inspector Trainer to Police Service of Northern Ireland(PSNI)

Qualified RUC/PSNI Police Trainer Garnerville police College (National Police Trainer, UK Harrogate Development Program)

Trained 400 recruits to the Police Service of Northern Ireland.

Assessor for Police Promotion Exams throughout the UK , Practical Sessions and Exercises.

Role Actor for Police Promotion Exams throughout the UK, Practical Sessions and Exercises.

Exercise and Practical Designer RUC/PSNI

Lead trainer in delivering Human Rights (ECHR) to PSNI (As lead trainer he received ECHR training at Queens University Belfast) This training focused on how the use of statutory Police powers impact on the Human Rights of the individual. (Right to life, Torture, inhuman and degrading treatment, liberty, freedom of thought, assembly and religion).

Trainer in Evidence and Procedure, Crime, Traffic and General Police Duties.

Consultant 2.


Operational Commander of Armed Response Vehicle
unit – continual development of role and responsibilities including Firearms
Tactical Advisor, Firearms Instructor and Senior Investigating Officer.

National Firearms Instructors Course

National Firearms Tactical Advisors Course  

Firearms Bronze Command Course

Specialist firearms officer Course

Cat ‘A’ / High Risk Armed Escort Commanders Course

Cat ‘A’ / High Risk Armed Escort Drivers Course

Emergency Trauma Management and AED Operation

Over-Watch has a dedicated 4 man firearms training team. Who are able to deliver courses from initial firearms courses to VIP Protection courses.