Maritime Search and Rescue


Over-watch can field medium to large vessels suitable for maritime Search and Rescue (SAR) operations. These vessels may be equipped with RHIBs (reinforced hull inflatable boats) and air platforms, such as helicopters or UAVs.


We can supply

• 1257 tonne ex Coast Guard boats (with helicopter landing and refuelling capabilities)

• Landing craft

• 1257 tonne Command and Control vessels, capable of carrying 300 refugees securely

We can staff vessels with ex Royal Navy and ex Royal Marines personnel, discretely armed to ensure the safety and security of SAR, medical and other official staff. Staff will be trained to manage medical and other emergencies, and be equipped with proper PPE and communications equipment. Operations and facilities can be inspected and overseen at any time by the appropriate authorities. Vessels can be controlled by appropriate legal authorities according to prevailing needs.

• Fit

We can adapt suitable platforms for command and control, logistic support, transport, intelligence gathering, surveillance, secure communications, medical support, Search and Rescue (SAR) and counter-piracy.

• Biometrics

This is a special fit option. Biometric data can be gathered on board and transmitted to appropriate border or intelligence agencies securely.