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Over-Watch have been training for 15 years. 

Our senior instructor was a Combat Medical Technician in the Royal Army Medical Corp for 9 years and has trained security and Police personnel in Iraq, Kurdistan, Saudi Arabia, Abu dhabi and Africa to name a few.

Over-Watch Training is part of the Over-Watch Group Ltd, which deals with all of the overseas training courses.

The courses in the UK are all Ofqual, NUCO Training Ltd and Highfields certified. 

Top First Aid Training

Our First Aid class's are some of the best in the UK. Trainers at Over-Watch are experienced health care professionals who empower individuals with the knowledge, first aid skills and confidence to provide immediate care for everyone around them. We are so passionate about what we do that our training goes far beyond the usual tick-a-box-style exercise. Please contact us through our booking form for information on the first aid classes we offer.

Training You For Any Situation

In a emergency, every second counts in getting that vital support to the people needing it as quickly as possible. If you don’t act with speed and keep calm, there is far more chance of causing people around you to act in a way that will lead to more problems than you started with. 

Our trainers have all worked in the security industry, Police or Military and have many years of experience. The training we provide in our SIA security class's teaches you how to act in a profesional manner, at all times and be more than you need to be.


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All services
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First Aid Courses

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Long term unemployed lady.

'Learnt alot, John took so much time and even gave one to one support'

EFAW Course

3 day course of long term unemployed.

'John is an excellent trainer, he made the course enjoyable and easy to follow'

FAW Course

Course for long term unemployed.

'Trainer was absolutely amazing. Very clear'

FAW Course

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We offer a 10% discount for companies booking 4 or more people on any of our courses.